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Our Portfolio


Chateau Court Apartments

Chateau Court Apartments in a small cozy community nestled in the suburbs of Harrisonville, MO.

Pine Street Shopping Center

Pine Street Shopping Center is a strip mall located off of Pine Street in Raymore, MO. It features a variety of sizes in retail space perfect for any small business. 


StorMore Storage Facility

StorMore Storage Facility is located in Raymore, MO. It features a variety of size units in both standard storage and climate control. In the back of our facility, we have multiple parking spaces for your RVs, trailers, campers, cars, truck and/or boats. 

Pyramid Plaza Shopping Center

Pyramid Plaza Shopping Center is located off 71-Highway in Grandview, MO. It features larger size units perfect for any growing business. 


Greaves Commercial Building

Greaves Commercial Building is located off of Greaves in Grandview, MO. 

4000 & 4001 Commercial Buildings

4000 and 4001 are two large commercial buildings located off of 138th Street in Grandview, MO. 


Chestnut Commercial Building

Chestnut Commercial Building is a small building off of Chestnut in Springfield, MO. 

701 Commercial Building

701 Commercial Building is a large 5k+ commercial building located off of MO-58. 


21500 Commercial Building

21500 Commerical Building is a small warehouse building located off of 275th Street in Harrisonville, MO.


Bizzare Bizzare

This large old Wal-Mart has been nicknamed "Bizzare Bizzare" by the community. It is located off of Commercial Street in Harrisonville, MO and is currently under renovation.

Chateau 6-Plex

This cozy 6-plex is located in the suburbs of Harrisonville, MO off of Chateau Court. It consists of 2 bedrooms.

Living Room

Wall 4-Plex

Wall 4-Plex is located off of Wall Street in Harrisonville, MO. It consists of all 2 bed/1 bath units. 

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